The Bhagavad-Gita is rich, and psychological, beautiful, full of poetic power. The characters stand out in heroic grandeur, in the midst of a magnificent setting of martial valour. The figures of Arjuna, very human in despondency and doubt, and of Krishna, majestic, resolute, persuasive, are clear, living, of universal, and truth of all religions. side, the Gita is full inspiration, of religious devotion, and of keenest insight into the heart of man. vishaka devi dasi kirtan in Hindi The conflict of motives that overwhelmed human action, the clinging of fetters of selfishness which check us in the path to the immortal, the slight evasions of the vishaka devi dasi kirtan lurking whisperer in the heart of man: all are clearly seen and clearly revealed. Yet, as a whole, the claims of abstract thought are not forgotten; every stage of Indian philosophy, every shade of logic, metaphysics and psychology, is given its place; and many practical suggestions are put forward, touching the problems of Indian politics and history, hints as vrindavan kirtan song valid today also in our Western world of human affairs as they were three thousand years ago.


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