Spiral circles of the soul.Quotation: Many people will never make a breakthrough in their lives, because they refused to leave the comfort zone and make a step into the unknown ...N.Hill1. Morality and Spirituality.Principal differences on the example of the commandment: Love your neighbor as yourselfIn the second stage, after the completion of parental programming, after reassessing our experience, we establish contact with our inner, living I, which really needs a good attitude. In psychology, this place of contact is defined as a centered zone of personality, when a person begins to realize himself - as the closest person. Here the work of the soul begins according to the commandment - not from the point of view of morality, but from the spirituality point of view, love yourself, enter into the energy of your soul, light the light in your home, in your inner world.- In this place, your energy as a personal resource is infinite, because the soul is immortal and it is your soul, and this is your energy, it no longer needs to be taken from anyone.What happens when the Light is turned on in a dark room? Everything becomes clear, both pleasant things, and what you yourself do not like. But earlier you were hiding behind the positive aspects of your personality, and from the unpleasant ones you escaped or, denying, resisted them. For a long absence of the owner, garbage accumulated in the house, but when there is motivation, tools in the form of knowledge, energy for transformation, everything becomes available and possible. This is how enlightenment occurs, and many knowledge about oneself should not turn into long torment.


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