!rdquo; ;It wonrsquo;t take long. The apartment building is like, On Feet Ladies All Green Puma X Rihanna Creepers Leather Sneakersten blocks away.Itrsquo;ll take like ten minutes to deliver the cake if you walk.rdquo; On Feet Ladies All Red Puma X Rihanna Creepers Leather Sneakers;Short blocks or long blocks?rdquo; I couldnrsquo;t believe she was getting me On Feet Ladies Black Blue Puma X Rihanna Creepers Sneakersto do this for her. ;Short.rdquo; ;Why canrsquo;t you deliver it yourself?rdquo; I asked.Stephanie pouted and I swear her blond ponytail pouted along with her, drooping down to one side. ;I have to be here to take the pans out when the timer goes off. I havethree cakes going right now that have to be cooled and iced by tomorrowmorning. You think yoursquo;re the only one who works late nights?rdquo; ;Get Andy to do


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