before you get us both killedrsquo;, but I refrained because it Boys Mercurial Victory VI AG Black Green Cleats Soccerswould not do to lose my cool. ;You donrsquo;t need to tell me how to handle my affairs,rdquo; he Boys Mercurial Victory VI AG Grey Green Cleats Soccersretorted, but at the same time he made the vial disappear with a sleight of hand that would do a magician proud. ;There is no way anyone can trace that back to me, right?rdquo; Malloy had a wide network and a reputation for discretion. But the contents of that vial could bring Boys Mercurial Victory VI AG White Gold Cleats Soccersa lot of unwanted attention.He sat up straighter.;Like I told you last time; I wouldnrsquo;t be in business very long if I gave away my suppliers. And I got to protect my own head too. I move my stuff through some middle men whorsquo;d take the names of their business contacts to the


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