Remember a decade back when Indian IT entrepreneurs attracted both brides and valuations? Is blockchain going down the same aisle? Kodak recently launched Kodak One as a cryptocurrency using blockchain technology to protect the copyright of photographs and images registered on its platform.Its share price soared 89%.Should we be worried by the froth? No, because it risks diverting attention from the disruptive technology powering crypto today and potentially our world tomorrow.Beneath the froth lies the strength of blockchain to change the way we live, work, connect and transact, and that is attracting tech communities in Silicon Valley, London and India.This is blockchain’s fundamental premise: it is the technology behind a distributed network of computers that can be used to store data securely but which, uniquely, has a single memory. That means data cannot be copied to sell the same asset again. Imagine duplicating the deeds of your house and re-selling it—common enough in India. That risk remained even with the passage from stamped paper to a digital file. Blockchain removes this risk. It is why


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