The holy month of Shravan ,Best Shravan Month Ki Katha considered highly auspicious by Hindus has already started. This month which is the fifth in the Hindu Lunar calendar is celebrated in the form of fasts and prayers. Fasts are observed Best Shravan Month Ki Kathain Hindi at Iskcon Temple throughout the month of Shravan, however fasting Mondays is highly revered and considered auspicious. Best Shravan Month Ki Kathain Hindi 2018 at Juhu Some devotees observe fasts on every Monday throughout the year while others do it only during Shravan. It is believed that by doing so, shravan month vrat katha in Hindi at iskcon Juhu Shiva will bless the devotee with positivity and prosperous life. In fact, even unmarried women observe Shravan Sonwar to find a perfect husband. Those who follow Shravan do know that these fasts can be observed only after a purification best shravan Maas Somvar Vrat Katha in Hindiprocess and rituals and before praying to Shiva, a devotee has to first pray to Ganesha. There are many stories attached to the Somwar Vrat. best shravan Maas Somvar Vrat Katha 2018 This is one story that is widely talked about. Read how the Shravan Somwar Vrat began!


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