casual fashion for both men and women. Black Mens Adidas T ZX 700 On Feet TrainersI want to keep it along the lines of my own style. Fussy has never worked for me, and I donrsquo;t think it works for the average woman or man, and thatrsquo;s who I want to clothe. I like movement and ease, and the way clothes make a person look and feel.rdquo;She stared out the window, Grey Blue Orange Mens Adidas T ZX 700 On Feet Trainersher mind whirling with the possibilities.;With a man, his body has always intrigued me.rdquo; She turned her attention to Gray.;Since yoursquo;ve played baseball and you race cars, Irsquo;ve watched you over the years. Itrsquo;s helped me gain a keen understanding of movement.rdquo; Mens Adidas T ZX 700 Multicolor On Feet TrainersGray laughed.;So, Irsquo;ve been your study guide for menrsquo;s fashion.rdquo;Her lips curved.;Sort of. Irsqu


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